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I love a strong woman. I really do! A female that’s independent, beautiful, self-reliant, knows what she wants and doesn’t hesitate to take the steps to get it. The perfect woman is one that can compliment the man she’s with. I see a lot of that now a days and I also see very few at the same time. As days pass, months pass and years the quality of woman slowly decrease. Woman are establishing more but at the same losing the essence of what it take to make the perfect mate as they chase their successes and goals. I mean ladies, raise your hand if you can cook. wait.. wait I mean cook..cook not those fast meals you just warm up. Good, now keep you hands up if you can do laundry, ok I see a few hands still up. Raise your kids? Wonderful, finally with all that can you still satisfy your mate? Ohhhhh realllllly…… what was your name again? jk jk

Women like you are far and few believe it or not. Your amazing. So, how do you go about finding the perfect guy for you? I’ve asked a few friends what they look for in a guy. Their responses were pretty much what you would expect and are as followed:

  1. A fit guy.. someone who works out
  2. A handsome man.. someone who can keep themselves up and clean
  3. A man who takes care of business. No woman wants a man that is reliant on her I’m sure. Its like having a second child.
  4. Lastly, a best friend. A man who can be her perfect match.
man s hand in shallow focus and grayscale photography
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As I look around and I mean right this minute I don’t see all of that. I see a lot of men children that are not fit. I see a lot of men that aren’t men at all but men on the low looking for other men. I see men that don’t respect their woman and call them out of their names. Men that allow their women to open their own doors, men that act.. well act out of character and that’s only talking about those that are actually free and not locked away in prison for making the wrong decisions. I’m old school. I asked them and I’ll ask you the same.. “what is your definition of a man”?

I think the definition of what a man is has been smeared a bit and is fading. Probably because the definition of a man is loosely defined in the dictionary anyway. I learned from real men growing up and am teaching my son and other young males that look up to me the same by example. I fix everything I can and am hella’ good with my hands. I think a man should be good with tools right? I don’t call women out of their names. I keep my lady on the inside when we walk down the street, still open doors and work my ass off to make ends meat. That includes the hustle of self-made businesses I’ve thought up to make cash and fill in time instead of running the streets like this blog for example.  I see a small handful that lead by example like that and I love to see it, men teaching men to be men. What makes a good man or just a man period? What’s your definition of what a man is? Feel free to drop a comment in the box below.

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