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Happy Endings

Needless to say everyone is looking for their happy endings. I’m not going to tell you that it isn’t out there or that it’s not reachable. For most people it is. In fact quite a few people have found a very happy ending to their life with or without the person they love. Some people

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The Bread Winner

Not everything goes as planned when your a man. The key is that you make it seem that way, especially when you are the provider, the protector and the head of the house-hold. Its even harder when you have children that look up to you. When things get tough who do you turn to as

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No worries for this fella..

I love a strong woman. I really do! A female that’s independent, beautiful, self-reliant, knows what she wants and doesn’t hesitate to take the steps to get it. The perfect woman is one that can compliment the man she’s with. I see a lot of that now a days and I also see very few

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