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Just let players play.

So.. I decided to re-enter the world of online gaming. My system of choice is my trusty XBox One and game of choice has to be any kind of game with guns and explosions. I love blowing sht up. Being able to pick up my trusty custom MX9 SMG with the holographic sight, hybrid Mags

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Blogging without a niche.

I don’t fit in. I can’t fit in. It’s predictable. I arrange my life around the fact that I’m not predictable. It can get you in trouble. I feel like no one should ever really know who you are. A niche is like a cage. People can bet money pretty much what your next post

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Happy Endings

Needless to say everyone is looking for their happy endings. I’m not going to tell you that it isn’t out there or that it’s not reachable. For most people it is. In fact quite a few people have found a very happy ending to their life with or without the person they love. Some people

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