Just let players play.


So.. I decided to re-enter the world of online gaming. My system of choice is my trusty XBox One and game of choice has to be any kind of game with guns and explosions. I love blowing sht up. Being able to pick up my trusty custom MX9 SMG with the holographic sight, hybrid Mags that Reload so faster and not to mention the paint job… OH THE PAINT JOB! I mean head shot after head shot on your quest to get the credits needed to get that super impressive diamond camo paint job for the weapon you’ve been modifying kill after kill with upgrades. Playing Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 after a long day is just down right relaxing. I literally spend hours on it. I wanted to find something that keeps me busy besides working out which I’m over with, I’m trying to pack on my fat. Working out everyday is ruining that.. lol. Another alternative is run the streets and spend money I never intended on spending in the 1st place. I mean I can go map to map absolutely free. It’s like traveling the world. Right? .. Kind of? …..No? .. mmm, ok.


I really enjoy it. There is a pretty decent following to online gaming. Theres even a bigger fan base for the same exact game I’m falling in love with. I mean I’m still getting back into the groove after laying dormant from the scene for sometime. It’s like riding a back so I’ll be back to my A game in no time. I actually decided to start a twitter page and a gaming video blog on Twitch and everything.


There is actually some pretty good money to be made if you do it right. How many of your kids actually watch gamers play then actually picking up a controller and play themselves? What’s the last game you played if you ever played one or what are you currently playing now? Comment below.

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