Blogging without a niche.


I don’t fit in. I can’t fit in. It’s predictable. I arrange my life around the fact that I’m not predictable. It can get you in trouble. I feel like no one should ever really know who you are. A niche is like a cage. People can bet money pretty much what your next post is going to be about without you even saying a word. With me, that’s not the case. I can talk about love one day and talk about mayonnaise the next. However, I’m clearly a mustard kinda guy. My blog has no boarder. I can pretty much talk about anything. I call this kind of blogging FREE BLOGGING. I’m what you call a FREE WRITER.

I was hoping to make a living off of blogging at some point but it seems like all the money makers are in there niche boxes. So my money making blog days are pretty much in the wind at the moment. However, I love writing and speaking my mind and thoughts. I hope you enjoy reading them. Anyway, got to work in the morning so lemme log off. My dreams need finance.

2 comments on “Blogging without a niche.”

  1. Won’t your unpredictability in a sense, kind of become the very essence of the inverse of you? meaning your predictably unpredictable… i’m just poking fun. I really like this 🙂 Hope I made you smile (the goal) vs upset (: I’m kind of in the wind myself so I totally get you


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