Happy Endings

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Needless to say everyone is looking for their happy endings. I’m not going to tell you that it isn’t out there or that it’s not reachable. For most people it is. In fact quite a few people have found a very happy ending to their life with or without the person they love. Some people out there are living their dreams and traveling the world. Some people out there are getting everything they want. However, there are quite a few of you that are not. Some of you are just playing a supporting character role in the lives of other peoples happy endings. Yup, your the co-star, the supporting role, the comic relief.

I’m not writing this to break anyone’s heart I’m just talking about things I’ve seen or experienced. Hell, I only write about the things I’ve seen or experienced. How creditable would I be if I spoke about being an astronaut if I’ve never been to space right? Right! I’ve had my heart broken so much that I gave up on love a lot, more then I’d like to count or think about. As I grow older I grew wiser and began to break down what I wanted in my life and the things I could do without. Needless to say, I’m a lot better now. lol

Everyone want the best out of life. Some follow those that live their best life and see what they are up to on a regular basis. Its kind of like a low key stalker if you ask me. Everyone wants to be the fly on the wall trying to get the scoop on whats going on, looking at their cellphones constantly watching updates in the lives of the people that shine the brightest in their lives. Some people imagine what would happen if they were wearing the shoes of their favorite celebrity and wonder what they would do differently if the shoe was on the other foot. Answer this question for me.. how many social media accounts are you member of? Out of this accounts how many people do you follow? Out of those people you follow, how many of them would you be willing to change lives with? How many are celebrities? How many of them are doing better then you or if given life advice.. you would listen to and change they way you live now just to put yourself in a better place. Hell, I know I have a few things I’d definitely like to change to improve my financial worth, my popularity status or Id be happy to even grab the blueprints that would get me going on the write path if I was giving the chance…why lie?

Is being financially secure your happy ending? Is your happy ending simply finding someone that loves you that you can give 100% of your love back to in return, get marries and live in a beautiful home and have babies? I’ll be honest with you.. some of you wont get that happy ending. Sorry but its true. I say that because your so busy playing the support role that you aren’t chasing your own dreams or living your own life. So much in fact that you probably don’t even know what you want or what you deserve. Your friends may have gotten it all figured out and are on the path to something very special. Your there for every moment cheering them on but I have never seen a happy ending spring-up from the sideline. You need your own story line. Dream boards don’t work. That fairy tale may never come true. Some of you aim way to high. Some of you may have had the perfect thing in front of you but have disregarded it, over looked it or down right ignored it as you put all your attention into else’s yard. Pay attention to what you want.. what YOU want. Focus on you. I know that sounds a little selfish but I promise you if you do that it will be YOUR show and in YOUR show there is no way you can be the star and the supporting role.

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