The Bread Winner

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Not everything goes as planned when your a man. The key is that you make it seem that way, especially when you are the provider, the protector and the head of the house-hold. Its even harder when you have children that look up to you. When things get tough who do you turn to as a man… God? Well, that seems like the only logical step. As a man it’s embedded in our DNA not to show weakness. In the animal world a show of weakness is basically like putting yourself of the menu for any other animal that challenges your position.

Now lets take that same idea and add the fact that your not just the provider but your a black male as well. Do you think that puts a spin on things? I think so being a black male myself. You are definitely views differently, treated differently, spoken to differently and paid differently. I also know for a fact that education has nothing to do with it. Its all about who you know.. FACTS! I know this because I have several people that work for me personally that have degrees that outweigh that one I recently got a few years ago but that’s beside the point. How can you win in todays society when its solely based off popularity. I’ve always thought that being as popular always came with a cost. Nobody popular every talks about the dark side of their fame until it airs out and the spotlight hits them, uhmmm.

Want to hear something funny? For those that are older and can remember.. back in the day in school they provided trades. You know, things to do as an extra skill like welding, carpentry work, mechanic skills and so on. If you sucked in school you could still open your own business and make decent money. Now a days its strictly education. If you wanted to learn a skill the path to that skill is very different to get to then how it used to be. Things have definitely changed over the years wouldn’t you agree?  Yeah I think thinks have changed.. some things have gotten easier to obtain, some things have gotten a lot harder to get. There is a fight right now to do what’s right for your family and for yourself but its so much more lucrative to do what’s not so right to “powerup” a lot faster. So what’s the right things to do?

The right thing? the right thing to do is the right thing. The right thing because people are watching. The kids are watching. The world is watching. God, is watching. There was this saying.. I may say it wrong but it goes ” why gain the world if it cost you your soul in the process” if that’s not how it goes someone please feel free to correct me in the comments. Life isn’t easy. If life was easy then everyone would be winning.. where is the reward in that. I love being a black male especially in America. Its human nature to fair what they don’t understand. Its also human nature to mimic things greater then themselves. I think I’m on the winning side.

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