TOP 5 Signs a Man is into You.


There is an undeniable connection between men and women. It’s in our DNA. We belong together. We give each other subtle signs, gestures and body language letting the other person know that we are into them.  Its called magnetism. We need each other regardless of what we may say or do. That’s how we reproduce and frankly, it’s how we are designed. I believe that there is someone for everyone in this world. However, the ratio of men to women are slightly higher. The last article that I read was from that said “the world’s male population was 3,776,294,273, while the female population was 3,710,295,643. ” That means that there are 65,998,630 more men in the world. If you count out all the gay men, the monks, married, and old men it pretty much is still going to leave you with a pretty high number to work with. So, if a women doesn’t find herself a suitable guy there is a problem right? of course I’m right!

So, your out with your girls. You see this guy across the bar or across the dance floor and you think he is cute what do you do? Do you even know? Is he going to make the first move? With the way today society is one can never be sure. Men now a days seem to sit back and let the lady make the first move simply because women are a lot more direct with men then they have ever been. Some women on the other hand sit back and let the guy make the first move because that’s how they were raised and that’s how is should be. Well, your mom, dad and grands taught you that was the right way to do it. They said a man should approach you and make the 1st move so what do we do?

Let us put all the fast talk to the side and let nature take its course. Let’s separate the men from the boys and find out who is the best match for you. Lets get that overwhelming number of men to women down to something that we can work with. No woman wants a player or a clown unless you’re trying to build yourself a circus. Let us start this countdown. I give you the 5 signs a man is really into you.



#5 A guy tells you what he likes about you.

I’m pretty sure that every women loves a compliment. Giving compliments is the very first start of liking someone. “Good afternoon beautiful, you smell so good today” even though you might not. He might say something like ” your hair looks great, that’s a nice look on you” or ” I like what you’re wearing”. Small compliments like that open doors for more conversation. The man who talks about your eyes vs the man the talks about your ass are two totally different kinds of men. One sees your beauty the others sees your booty. Know the difference.

#4A man will give you presence.

Not to be confused with presents or gifts. A man who acknowledges that you are here with him at any point in time is real. If your out on a date and he answers his phone and says he is with YOU as opposed to just being out means something. Any man can be out and about but one that lets other people see that you are there with him says that he isn’t worried about everyone else’s opinion. He may take you to the dance floor, he may take you to movies and then out to eat. He might even take you to center city where everyone else is just to walk around. As long as he doesn’t mind being seen with you in public is a definite go!

#3 – He talks short-term verses long-term WE vs. I

A man has an end-game just like women. He knows what he wants and where he is headed. In my previous blog I mentioned that a man is a provider. I still will say that YES a man is a provider. A man is also a hunter and a conquer. He knows what he wants and he gets it. A man who tells you his life long plans means that he has a plan for life. A man that tells you his plans for the week means that he has plans for that week. Take note which direction he is headed in conversation. During a conversation you may have with him about life notice how many times he may mention the word “WE” verses the word “I”. We can go out and do this.. verses I am going out to do that. Any man that makes plans for today is just thinking about that moment.. TODAY. If he makes plans for future events and includes you in them. He defiantly wants you to be a part of his future.

#2 – Meeting the Family vs Meeting Friends. 

“Hey babe, get dressed we’re hanging with the crew tonight” or “Hey babe, get dressed I want to introduce you to my family tonight” In all honestly, in my opinion either way is a go for me. Some men are close to their family, their mom, or their dad. Some guys might have been raised by their grands and aren’t close to their regular birth parents at all. However, in some instances some men might be closer to their boys and treat them like family more than anyone else. Meeting the special people in your significant others like is a big deal either way. It shows them that you are important in their life and they want to show you off. They want to show the people that they love that there is someone else out there that has gotten your attention and that they might want to set an extra spot at the dinner table. Good for you, save me a plate!

#1 –  Extra effort with everything

The one important thing that sets a man amongst boys is effort. I know from experience that it’s the effort that pleases women not just the gifts. Memories are better than any gift that you can buy a woman. For example, any man can take a woman out to eat but taking the extra effort to open her door and pick up the tab goes a long way. Tell me I’m lying! Any man can take women to a concert or for a walk in the park but packing a blanket and a bottle of wine goes a longer way.. hell, women love mushy stuff like that. Going the extra mile like remembering details even if you have to write them down or put them on your calendar will drive a lady crazy. Tell her you remembered that last time you both went to a particular place and she was wearing this.. or had on that. Tell her you bought a bottle of her favorite shower gel because you noticed she was out. The key here is that you didn’t even call to ask what it was.. you just bought it. Women go crazy for accessories. Adding accessories to dating or relationships are no different.

In conversation on first meets extra effort can be noticed here too. If he lets you do most of the talking and he just listens is a major go. It not necessarily that he is just paying attention. A man who doesn’t talk much is taking in all of your beauty to remember you later. He wants to bring you up in conversation with others to give explicit detail about you. Lastly, a man that bugs you a lot, calls you a lot, likes all of your IG and FB post wants other men to know that your spoken for. His attention is on you. Pay attention to the details.

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