Pain is Love and Vise Versa.

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Not every relationship is perfect. There are all kinds of relationships. Long distance, short distance, part-time, live in, side, yes side relationships. There are relationships that involve plenty of love and affection and others that are just temporary fixes for parts of us that need to be filled.

What would you give to be happy? Quite a few of us are happy and don’t even see it. We chase false happiness because it feels good. We chase immediate gratification because it feels good. Who doesn’t want what they want right then and there? What would you do to be happy? Move across that country and leave everyone you leave behind?  Maybe leave the person you’re with for that greener lawn across the street? Some of you have even give up your comfortable trouble-free lifestyle for something a little faster that comes with a few more thrills and a lot more headaches.. but your happy right?


I’ll tell you this, men want what they want. Men get what they want. At the end of the day we are all mammals and mammals will do what mammals do. Women, I feel (and this is only from my own observation) make things a lot more complicated then what things really are. Women want to be “THE ONE” he choses. You go get your hair and nails done. Some of you buy the nicest clothes to put on that helps accentuate your curves and bust and get the best education to be the top pick. But, its funny how so many of the men chose the most tired and dusty side chicks to hide with in the cuts. Why? I’ll tell you why, it’s because there is something is missing. Something that was there that is no longer there. Your significant other made it his personal mission to fill that hole. He most likely is afraid to hurt the person that he is with. He fills that hole with a temporary fix. Love is love but at the same time love isn’t love at all but a word.

Men are simple and its the little things that excite us and make us happy. And that pretty much is the fix for some of these bad relationships. So here they are


Men like to be spoken to and not spoken at. We are leaders by creation.  We protect, lead, and provide. Those men that don’t lead do that by choice but a real man will lead. A heated argument will happen. Hell, it happens. But at the end of the day tell us what you want and let that be it.


Everyone loves a great support team. Men love to have their egos stoked once in a while the more the better lol. Having a women that supports ideas regardless of how dumb they may be makes you a keeper. Why would anyone look elsewhere for ideas when you have great support at home. If you want that upgrade.. promote each other to be great. If he cant build with you he will build without you.

If a man loves his woman and vise versa there will be nothing that can break that bond. No one can come between it, that’s love. If he is with you and he doesn’t give you his all, doesn’t take you out to public events, every time he sees you he wants sex then you’re a side chick. You can’t be made that your a side chick because in your gut you know its true. He didn’t pick you. It’s that simple, Fellas, you can be side n*ggas too. Don’t be mad because she didn’t pick you she loves someone else and you were convenient. Nothing personal its just business as usual.

Love hurts. When you really love someone and give them your all and it goes south it hurts like hell. If you aren’t happy with the person your with, find someone who makes you happy or find happiness within yourself. Kings, Queens you deserve the best. One.

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